The Cornered Cat
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Passivity and young people

Good article here: The lesson from 9/11 that millennials have yet to learn Fave quote: “Girls and boys and men and women need to think seriously about what to do in the event of unexpected violence, and how to act. … Continue reading

“Fight like a cornered cat”

As most people who read this blog know by now, one of my taglines is, “If you have to fight, fight like a cornered cat.” When people hear me say that, they tend to assume that I mean that you … Continue reading

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I blame MacGyver

This is something I’ve thought about a bit. And the conclusion I’ve come to (for now) is something like this: it is one thing to use whatever you have, however you can, to save your own life in the heat … Continue reading

Right to Remain Silent

In 2013, the US Supreme Court ruled (in Salinas v. Texas) that in a police investigation a person must specifically invoke their Constitutional right to remain silent. Otherwise the very fact that they said nothing in response to questioning may … Continue reading

5 Facts You Don’t Know About AR-15 Rifles

When you opened this, I bet you thought it would be yet another article explaining that AR stands for ARmalite (the original manufacturer) and not ‘assault rifle’. Guess again. Today we’re simply going to talk about how AR-15 rifles work … Continue reading

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