The Cornered Cat
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“Slap his face and walk away”

Q: “I have often wondered why the old advice of ‘Slap his face and walk away’ is no longer taught in response to an insult or a sexual slur.” A:  Because it’s a terribly bad idea to turn a verbal … Continue reading

Blog spotlight: .357 Magnum

If you look to the right of your screen, you should see my blogroll. Lots of interesting things in there (though, sadly, I do need to update again, as all too many previously-active good bloggers have moved on to other … Continue reading

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A slight setback

Came home from a long day, getting ready for bed. Pulled my holstered gun off my belt and locked it into the quick-access bedside safe — yep, still in its holster. Still loaded. It’s secure, and also ready to go … Continue reading

Landowning Nobility & Property Rights

Historically, one of the reasons European peasants were denied the right to own or carry around firearms was because other people owned the land upon which they lived and worked. Peasants owning weapons would violate the property rights of the … Continue reading

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The perfect is the enemy of the good

“The perfect is the enemy of the good.” It’s an old saying. And it means, sometimes we work so hard to do things perfectly that we fail to do them well. Or at all. Case in point: it’s good to … Continue reading


While common wisdom says we can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, practical experience has shown that flies are most strongly attracted to bullshit. Choose your instructors wisely.  

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Realism in Training

Many firearms instructors make a big deal out of realism in the training environment. That’s good, and more do-able than most people realize. Although each crime is unique and its details therefore unpredictable, we can see patterns in how crime … Continue reading

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Wrong Question

It’s nearly impossible to get a right answer when the question itself is wrong. “Which self defense gun would the best choice for someone who dislikes guns, does not want to practice with it or learn anything, and does not … Continue reading

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