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Just keep swimming

The first day of swimming lessons always has at least one little kid holding onto his mom’s leg and sobbing, “But mommy… I can’t get in the water with the teacher. I don’t know how to swimmmm!” A lot of … Continue reading

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Guest post: What’s the Story Behind ATF “Banning” 5.56mm Ammo?

If you’ve been following this blog very long, you know that I have literally never featured a guest post before. However, when Glenn Bellamy sent this to my email box the other day, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Bad habits bite

People who’ve taken one of my classes know that we spend a lot of time working on a safe, smooth drawstroke — and just as much time learning how to put the gun safely back into the holster. This is … Continue reading


By now, even parts of Hollywood seem to have gotten the message about keeping your finger off the trigger until you’re in the very act of firing the gun. That’s good. But that’s not all there is to the story. … Continue reading

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