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The “expert” mask

Every once in awhile — it happens often enough to break my heart — I run across a female instructor who feels incredibly insecure about her status as a teacher or leader or role model. People who feel that way … Continue reading

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Her name is Legion

At SHOT Show back in January of this year, I had the same conversation at least a dozen times. I’m not exaggerating. Many different people said essentially the same things to me. Let me share a very typical interaction with … Continue reading

Knowing the tune but missing the music

When my husband and I were newlyweds, we visited a church where the worship leader had recently introduced one of our favorite songs. The song was an upbeat, bouncy tune, and we were happy when we saw its title in … Continue reading

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Advice to new firearm instructors

Some advice here for people who want to become better handgun instructors. Sometimes, some people act as though getting the credential means they have already learned everything they need to know in order to do a good job for their … Continue reading

Ignorance Is Not a Dirty Word

Something interesting about American culture over the past generation or so: we’ve decided that ignorant is a nasty word. There’s no quicker way to make someone feel angry at you than to say, straight up, that they are ignorant of … Continue reading

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Can you hear me now?

“Speak up! Nobody can hear you when you mumble.” That’s what my Grandpa used to say to me when I was a kid and would visit him and Grandma on a Sunday afternoon. “Kids these days, they all mumble,” he … Continue reading

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