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Sunday thoughts

This week, one of my Facebook fans, Simply Darlene, wrote a very nice series of articles about gun ownership from a Christian woman’s perspective. You can find the series here: Part One – Inanimate objects Part Two – The morality … Continue reading

Dealing with social bullies

Here’s a question someone asked me recently, and what I told her. Lately I am finding myself frequently on the receiving end of criticism, inflamed statements, and unfounded or irrational comments from casual acquaintances. Most of these happen on social … Continue reading

Revolver trigger finger

Many years back, as a fairly new shooter, I took a two-day defensive handgun class. At that time, although I practiced regularly with a semi-auto, I’d never really learned to run a revolver and felt as though I needed to. … Continue reading

Carjacking attempt

We always have a picture in our heads of what crime looks like, and sometimes it looks like things we don’t expect. Take this story, for example. Not too long after we got married, my husband and I invited one … Continue reading

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Crystal ball

Yesterday, someone asked me to look into my crystal ball. Do I think the current buying frenzy will ease off, prices come down, and guns become more available? If someone doesn’t already have a gun, but intends to get one, … Continue reading

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Easy way to fill magazines

This time of year, a lot of us have fresh new magazines with super-stiff springs. If you’re having trouble filling your new magazine, try an Uplula loader. These things are like magic! This type of loader is very easy to … Continue reading

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