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Well, that was stupid.

So I’ve been reading my buddy Marc MacYoung’s stuff for years, on his No Nonsense Self Defense site. Somehow, I completely missed the fact that he has a blog. And that he posts things on it. Huh. Well, anyway. I’ve … Continue reading

Help a friend out

Weird thing about online life: you can know someone for years, and even think of them as a friend, without ever meeting them. For example, this summer, I finally met a friend I’d known for more than a dozen years. … Continue reading

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Four lies

A few days ago, Marc MacYoung of No Nonsense Self Defense wrote an excellent article that he posted on his Facebook page. It’s titled Four Lies: You, Our Courts and Self-Defense. It’s long, but well-researched and right on target. It … Continue reading

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Home invasion

Here’s a horrible story with a (reasonably) happy ending: two men break into a family home in the early-morning hours. Downstairs, the father is dozing on the couch. Upstairs, his wife and daughter are just beginning their day when the … Continue reading

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2013 Calendar

Lately I’ve been very busy — and very excited! — with filling up my 2013 teaching calendar. So far, it looks as though I will be headed to Arkansas, Missouri, Texas, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Virginia, Wyoming, and South Dakota. … Continue reading

Storms coming?

The best protection against violent crime is not to be there when it happens. Don’t give in to irrational levels of fear, but don’t ignore warning signs either. This is similar to the way we treat winter storms around here. … Continue reading

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My email box gathers interesting letters sometimes. One of my perennial favorites: the well-meaning note, usually from an older gentleman, telling me that I shouldn’t use the word weapon. This isn’t unique to me, I’m sure. I guess most people … Continue reading

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Context matters

Defensive firearm skills are not learned in a vacuum—or they shouldn’t be. The context where we intend to use the skills really dictates which skills we need, how well we need to learn them, and how we prioritize our time … Continue reading

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