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by Kathy Jackson

  Preparing For 2012  

Hello There!

I hope you're enjoying the new year. January, for me, is a time of new beginnings – reflecting on the year just past and setting goals for the year ahead. After the frenetic pace of the holiday season, it's a good time to slow down, take a deep breath, curl up in front of the fireplace and really think about who you are, where you're going, and who you want to be when you get there. What are the most important things in your life? What are you doing to make those things better?

New article!

There's a new article up on the Cornered Cat website. It's very short, but I think you'll find it interesting and maybe even important. You can find it at

Looking ahead

Of course, for me the beginning of the year means working on the training calendar for Cornered Cat. Here's what's on the schedule so far this year:

  • February 18-19 in Memphis, TN. Two full days of training for $400. For complete details and to register for the class, contact Rangemaster (901) 370-5600.
  • March 24-25 in Sierra Vista, AZ. Two full days of training for $400. For complete details and to register for the class, contact Viki Butler via email or phone (520) 732-1533
  • June 23-24 in Onalaska, WA. Two full days of training for $400. For complete details and to register for the class, send an email to
  • September 29-30 in FL. Details coming soon…

All of these are Cornered Cat's 2-Day Concealed Carry for Women class. It's much more involved and intensive than a simple state-required seminar, and a lot more fun too. In 18 hours of work, we move from the shooting basics through intermediate skill levels. We talk about how to choose and use holsters for concealed carry (I bring holsters for show & tell!), gun safety, social challenges, the self defense mindset, and legal stuff you need to know. When we get out to the range, we first review the basics, then branch out to draw from concealment, reload, clear malfunctions, use cover, shoot with one hand only, use alternative aiming techniques, and shoot while moving. Whew! That's a lot to cover in just two days, but we make it work and we have fun while doing it. I hope you can join us at one of these classes.

In addition to the classes outlined above, I'm also available for speaking engagements at dinners, fundraisers, and other special events. If you are organizing an event for which you need a speaker, please contact me directly for details. You can reach me via an email to

Mom defends young adult son

Check out this newspaper article from a few weeks ago: (Go read it. I'll wait! Be sure to watch the video, too.)

According to the news report, a 46-year-old woman heard a commotion on the stairs of her apartment building. The noise was the sound of an attacker beating up the woman's 22-year-old son and then shooting him in the leg. The woman grabbed her own firearm and shot to save her son's life, killing the attacker.

This one strikes close to home for me because I have sons the same ages as the young men in the article. From the limited details in the news, and from the embedded video, it appears this woman needed to fire at a distance at least the length of a flight of stairs, possibly in low light and almost certainly while her target was moving. Also, the bad guy was very near her son, so she needed a high degree of confidence in her ability to hit where she aimed.

If your child were in a similar situation, would you act to save him? If so, then you need the skills that would allow you to do so safely. You also need the confidence that goes with those skills. Are your gun and problem-solving skills up to it? Does your confidence in your abilities match your actual skill level?

Are you legally carrying?

When you carry a firearm, you are responsible for knowing the laws and how they affect you. Those laws change from one state to another! Not only that, but your valid permit in one state might not even apply in another state. Here are two links. The first link is to, an excellent resource for checking out the gun laws in any state you will travel to or through. Please note that this is a place to start your online research, not an authoritative source of its own. You will need to follow the links directly to the applicable laws, and read the laws for yourself, to be sure the information you receive is up to date and accurate.

The second link is more depressing. It's a cautionary tale about a woman, a good person who was traveling through New York City on her way to a job interview. She had a valid carry permit in her home state, and truly didn't realize the permit didn't give her permission to carry in a different state. She's facing felony charges and more than three years in jail for that mistake. Read her story at

Gun control laws are often very strict, with punishments that far outweigh the "crime" of being prepared to protect yourself from a violent attack. Do your homework to avoid becoming a victim of these fundamentally unjust laws.

Carry Tip!

If you carry on the belt, move your cover shirt out of the way when you put your seat belt on so that you can more easily get to your firearm if you need it. Most of the time when people talk about not being able to get to their firearm while wearing a seat belt, the difficulty is with their cover shirt—not with the seat belt at all. Avoid that problem by moving your shirt tail out of the way as you buckle up.

That's about it for now. As always, don't forget you can find me on Facebook at if you have any questions!

Stay safe,


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