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Reholster without looking? Grab for a falling gun?

So here’s a surveillance video of an off-duty cop in an elevator, talking to his wife. Apparently, the gun riding in his holster just behind his right hip felt uncomfortable to him, so he took advantage of a private moment … Continue reading

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Safe direction

One thing that often surprises me about firearms instructors is how much we take for granted. This little business of a “safe direction,” for example. We often teach our students to chant the rule (“Always keep the gun pointed in … Continue reading

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From my email box

Dear Cornered Cat: This morning I put on a delightful cream colored baby-doll top which I have previously found particularly flattering on my figure. After looking in the mirror, I quickly changed into a black T-shirt. Why? My gun and … Continue reading

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Are we clear?

To “clear” a gun means to check to see if it is unloaded, and (if necessary) to unload it. It is always polite to clear the gun immediately before you hand it to someone else. It is equally polite — … Continue reading

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Why isn’t a revolver a semi-automatic?

Both revolvers and semi-automatic firearms fire only one shot each time the trigger is pressed. Neither type is a “machine gun,” and neither allows the shooter to fire more than one shot with each press of the trigger. Neither one … Continue reading

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Revolver trigger finger

Many years back, as a fairly new shooter, I took a two-day defensive handgun class. At that time, although I practiced regularly with a semi-auto, I’d never really learned to run a revolver and felt as though I needed to. … Continue reading

Crystal ball

Yesterday, someone asked me to look into my crystal ball. Do I think the current buying frenzy will ease off, prices come down, and guns become more available? If someone doesn’t already have a gun, but intends to get one, … Continue reading

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Here’s something interesting. Please bear with me – at first glance, this may look like a gun control rant, but it’s not. We’re going to talk about something else entirely, but the best way to get there runs right through … Continue reading

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