The Cornered Cat
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Concealed Carry Purses

…trap carefully with a knowing eye, you can usually spot them. The purpose of the cord is to defeat the slash-and-grab purse thief. Because there is a firearm inside the purse, the reasoning goes, the user needs to retain the purse and defeat a purse snatching. Many (but not all) purses with this reinforced strap will be worn crossbody, and will thus become as much a part of the user’s clothing as an attached fanny pack would. With or… Continue reading

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Should I Carry in my Purse?

…carrying on the belt, provided you have a sturdy belt designed for the task, there’s little appreciable difference between a heavy gun and a lighter one which has the same overall dimensions. Not so when carrying in a purse. For a purse, you’ll want the lightest handgun you can have, because you’ll notice every ounce. Keep in mind, though, that heavier guns have less noticeable recoil and are therefore more pleasant to shoot…. Continue reading

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Purse advice

…with having a backup carry method ready to go all the time. That leaves me in an odd position: I don’t think purses make a great primary carry method, but I also think every woman who carries a gun should own a holster purse anyway. Go figure. So, tips. 1) Get a purse that’s designed for concealed carry. Not one that has been retrofitted or altered in some way, but one that was designed from the beginning to carry the weight of the… Continue reading

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Do you know how to use a purse?

…e if you haven’t done your homework about purses, you cannot ethically give advice to your students about them. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of off-body carry, but as a realist I know that many women do carry in a purse and will carry in a purse no matter how much they get chided by the tactical crowd. Wouldn’t it be nice if every instructor who works with female students knew how to safely teach purse-related skills, and could… Continue reading

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Purse Snatching Is Violent

…ask yourself: are you willing to risk your life to protect the firearm you carry to save your life? Many purse snatchers are women. In surveillance videos, you can see that even women are willing to apply violence to steal a purse. Some purse snatchings have become drive-by crimes, where the criminal reaches out of a moving vehicle to grab the purse, then hits the gas and drives away. While you might successfully wrestle with the criminal… Continue reading

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SHOT Show Day One

…opyright attorneys reading this, I also put “adhesive bandages” rather than Band-Aids on my children’s owies, and I’ve never, ever Xeroxed a copy for the boss. Bleh! ↩ In working on Cornered Cat purse reviews, I did not simply grab the manufacturers’ measurements. Rather, I measured the purses for myself. In a few cases, I found the numbers were wildly off. Dunno what else to say about that. ↩ Obviously,… Continue reading

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Practicing with Laser Grips

…new habits so this is no longer possible. Also be very aware of where your muzzle is pointed while placing the gun into the purse holster; remember that you will need a safe backstop. If you normally place the gun into your purse while the purse is sitting on your bed, check out where the laser dot lands when you holster the gun while the purse is sitting on the bed. If the dot illuminates a spot that will not stop a bullet, consider moving… Continue reading

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Dressing room

…I either wait until people are gone, or I check it in the stall mirror before stepping out, or (if there is no stall mirror and no sign of the crowd thinning out even for a moment), I sometimes leave the holstered gun in my purse and carry my purse with me into the hallway. Also, of course, it’s not that hard to gather up the loose ends of the cover shirt in one hand, holding it just over the holstered gun, so you can see all of the… Continue reading