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Just a joke…

Always amazed at the things I see online. Here’s one that showed up in my feed the other day: “Due to the price increase on ammo, do not expect a warning shot!” This kind of thinking does not go to … Continue reading

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After the shooting…

Okay, so the worst has happened and you needed to defend yourself from a violent attacker. He is down and apparently unconscious. Now what? That’s a complete conversation I am happy to have with card-carrying good people in class. It’s … Continue reading

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Shape shifting

Starting almost three years ago now, I lost 70 pounds over the course of a single year. I did this by simply exercising regularly, not by “going on a diet” but just by changing my activity levels. My idealized goal … Continue reading

Get your learning on

Pssst! Want to learn something new today? Try one of these links … Seven Learning Points from the Marysville, WA School Shooting. Written by Greg Ellifritz, this article hits several lessons we can learn from this tragic event. A short … Continue reading

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Reholster without looking? No.

This blog entry was sparked by something Rory Miller wrote the other day. Actually, it’s a rabbit hole down a sidetrack that might be (but probably isn’t) a true disagreement, which means at most it’s only a minor quibble on … Continue reading

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Sweet Daisy Defense

Here’s another review that’s been sitting on my desk for awhile. As everyone who reads this website probably knows by now, I’m a big proponent of on-body carry for women — and I also believe that every woman who carries … Continue reading

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Alien Gear Holster

I’m notoriously slow at writing up holster and gear reviews, but I do generally get around to it. Here’s one that’s on my desk right now: Alien Gear Cloak Tuck Holster This is a hybrid-style holster made entirely of synthetic … Continue reading

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From my email box: “Always treat every gun as loaded.  What do you do when you’re cleaning your guns?  I try to follow this rule too but I’d admit I’ve broken it to look down the barrel of a gun, … Continue reading

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